Hijacking Safety Tips

When entering or driving your Vehicle:

  • Have your key ready, but not visible

  • Check the outside and inside of the vehicle before unlocking

  • Know the way to your destination

  • Always drive with your windows up and doors locked

  • Never open your vehicle window or door for a stranger

  • If approached by someone suspicious, sound your hooter and drive off if possible.

  • When dropping someone at their car, make sure they are safely inside before driving off

  • Avoid driving through high crime or unfamiliar areas

  • Avoid driving at night or when the roads are quiet

  • Drive in the centre lane away from pedestrians where possible

  • At intersections, stop at least 5m from the car in front in case you need to

  • make a quick getaway.

  • If possible, never drive alone.

  • NEVER pick up hitch-hikers.

  • Vary your routes.

At your destination:

  • Turn off your radio when you’re 2 km from home so you can pay more attention to your environment.

  • Look out for suspicious vehicles or persons near your destination

  • Check your rear-view mirror before parking

  • Be aware of places a hijacker might hide

  • Keep your parking area well-lit at night. Have someone meet you at the gate if you arrive home after dark

  • Be conscious of your surroundings when sitting in a parked car. Avoid sleeping in a stationary vehicle.

Know your environment:

  • Report suspicious characters to the SAPS or ADT

  • Make a mental note of any police stations in the area

  • Be on the alert and keep a lookout for possible escape routes and safe refuge.

  • Always carry your ID book, driver’s licence and a pen and notepad

  • Check that your mirrors give you an all-round view

Don’t be fooled by:

  • Suspicious appeals for help.

  • “Accidents” such as having you car rammed from behind.

  • Your electric gates being jammed

How to respond if hijacked:

  • If a robber confronts you, put up your hands immediately

  • Stay calm, listen to the attacker and obey commands

  • Don’t look your attacker in the eye

  • Without making it obvious, try to note identifiable characteristics

  • If you are kidnapped, co-operate fully

  • Don’t throw your keys away. It will just make your attacker angry

  • If there is a baby in the car, tell him. Ask him to bring the child to you. Do not move towards the car

  • If you lie face down outside the car he might not force you to get back

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