One always hears about people not being payed out by their insurer in the event of a vehicle accident, are the insurers being unfair or are you to blame?

Insurers have no problem with paying claims, they do not go out of their way to reject their client’s claims (although it is what many people believe). Think about it, if the insurer goes the extra mile to find a reason to reject claims to save money, they are going to build up quite a bad reputation! A bad reputation can spread around VERY quickly… How well do you think their business is going to do if they have no clients?

Unfortunately it is most probably your own fault if your claim gets rejected by the insurer, either you did not disclose the correct or true information with the insurer before activating your policy or you were just being stupid (drinking and driving!!!). Here are 4 top reasons why a claim would be rejected:


Most insurance companies require that you take your vehicle in for an inspection if your vehicle is not brand new. This just gives the insurers proof of the condition of the vehicle when the insurance policy is taken out. It is your responsibility to make sure you take your vehicle for this inspection, your insurance policy will state that you need to do it and if it is not done, cover on the vehicle will be terminated or limited. Make sure you get it done as soon as you insure your vehicle!


If your vehicle is not certified roadworthy in the event of an accident, the insurer will reject the claim. For example, if your vehicle is not roadworthy and the insurer finds out that the reason for the accident was because you couldn’t see clearly due to worn out windscreen wipers, the insurer can repudiate the claim. It might sound like a silly reason but it happens, and its actually not the insurers fault! They want you to stay safe!


This should be a very obvious rule but people still don’t follow it and it lands them in very big trouble! If someone doesn’t have a license, don’t let them drive your car!! Simple as that! … Your claim will be rejected if your vehicle is involved in an accident and the driver didn’t have a valid drivers license. Not only will you be held personally liable for the damage to your own car but you will be responsible for the damage to any other vehicles as well as any injuries and lawsuits that could arise from the incident. Not worth it!


Ok… duh…! Don’t ever drink and drive! Not only are you putting your own life at risk, you are putting everyone else’s lives at risk who are on the road and in your car! If you are in an accident and the police do a breathalyzer or blood-alcohol test (which they will) and you are over the legal limit, the insurer WILL reject the claim immediately, no doubt about it! Oh yeah… and you might be arrested! Don’t do it!

Furthermore, make sure you always read through your insurance policy schedule so that you are fully aware of your responsibilities. There’s nothing worse than not being payed out when you have experienced a big financial loss.

Luckily for you, we are here to explain your policies to you and make sure that you are correctly covered. We will also make sure that you meet all the policy endorsements so that if you were to claim, it will be paid out on condition that you are still meeting the requirements and endorsements at the time of the incident.

Get a quote from us today and avoid the above mentioned (and many more) miseries as well as save money on your monthly insurance premiums!

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