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Our comprehensive business insurance for small and medium enterprises, is provided through our spread of product, backed by 19 leading Insurers.


From Residential to Commercial

Kern Insurance Solutions Consult is a true specialist when it comes to meet the needs of Professionals, Business Owners and Executives. You can rely on KISC to meet your needs with its comprehensive, all in one protection.


For all your business cover needs

Thanks to our significant level of specialist expertise, KISC is the construction broker of choice for many Construction Companies in SA.

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Our consultants provide a 24/7 on call service nationwide. We will travel to where you are to ensure that your needs are met in terms of your short-term provide insurance policies. Once all the documents have been completed we will provide you with immediate cover

We focus on professional indemnity cover, as a result our team of consultants are specialists in the field of professional cover. All of our consultants have studied and achieved the highest qualification in the field of professional indemnity cover.

What distinguishes us from or competitors in the fact that our risk profile site at 32% versus the norm in the market of 69%. Thus we can guarantee you a substantial cost savings if your risk profile falls within our profile rating.

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