Why it’s better to have a broker handle your Short Term Insurance

You, among many other people of the general public, might believe that there is no real benefit of going through or using a broker when doing your short-term insurance.

Generally “cutting out the middle man” does save costs and time but not in the short-term insurance industry.

These are just a few advantages of using a brokerage to handle your short-term insurance:

  1. CHOICE – You only need to provide your information and details to a broker once and he/she can find multiple different quotes from multiple different insurers that would meet your requirements. Doing your insurance yourself means calling all the different insurers and giving them all your details and information each and every time you want a quote. Time consuming I would say…

  2. SPEED – By using a broker you can get quotes much quicker, activate policies much quicker, submit claims much quicker, change or add something to your policies much quicker. Why…? … Because it’s what we do!

  3. EASE – Just from reading the above two points, doesn’t it already sound so much easier to use a broker? It is our job to find our clients the best possible rates through the best possible insurers and you can be sure we are very good at it. Not only are we good at that but we streamline policy activation processes and cancellations as well as submitting claims. And we do it all for you!

  4. COST – Brokers are trained to select and advise the correct type of policy to suit individual client needs and make sure that the client is correctly covered. This of course makes the risk lower and is why insurers give brokers discounted premiums for their clients. People usually think that the middle man always adds unnecessary costs to whatever they are purchasing, this is most definitely not true in the short-term insurance industry.

  5. FLEXIBILITY – The only way to sign up or seek help with an insurance company in South Africa at the moment is mainly only by a telephone call, which is very time consuming and unnecessary most of the time. With a broker you have the choice of a face-to-face meeting, phone call, emails or even SMS’s and Whatsapp’s! We are always there to help you and take care of your insurance needs.

  6. HELP – When you need to submit a claim, you don’t always know what to do right away, we do! And we will do it for you! If you have stuck to the terms and endorsements of your policy, we ensure that you receive fair payment on claims and act as your advocate in the event of a dispute. Who wouldn’t want that??

It’s quite clear that there are overwhelming amounts of advantages in favor of using a broker to handle your short-term insurance. After reading this, would you still rather go through all the fuss of activating a policy through an insurer directly and have the risk of not being 100% correctly covered?

Let us take a look at your current policy and make sure you are 100% covered! We will try our best to beat your premium at the same time too! Get a free quote today…

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